Brazil is the largest country in Latin America. It spreads across almost half (47.3%) of South America, and occupies a total area of 8,547,403.5 km2. It is the fifth largest country in the world after Canada, the Russian Federation, China and the United States. Except for a small number of islands, Brazil is a single and continuous landmass. The Equator crosses through the Northern region, near Macapa, and the Tropic of Capricorn cuts through the South of the country, near São Paulo. 
  • Language 
    The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. The Portugal Portuguese accent is different from the Brazilian one and a lot of people think that in Brazil they speak Brazilian. In the southern Brazil you can find descendants of immigrants and who speak German and Italian.
  • Currency 
    The Brazilian currency unit is the Real ($R). Dollars and Travelers Checks can easily be changed in hotels, banks or travel agencies. Most establishments accept credit cards.
  • Climate
    The climate is predominantly tropical with some variation according to the region. The average annual temperature in the north is 28º C and 22º C in the south.
  • Time Zones
    Because of its continental dimensions Brazil has 4 time zones. The official time is Brasília time and it corresponds to 3 hours less than GMT. From September to February the clocks are put forward one hour in most Brazilian States.
  • Tips
    Most bars and restaurants include a service charge of 10% in the Bill. It is usual to leave a little extra if the service has been satisfactory. When no service charge has been included then a tip of 10% to 15% is the general rule.
  • Visas and Passports
    Tourists and visitors from Mercosul countries do not need to present passports. They merely need to show their ID cards. Visitors from other countries must present a passport that is valid for the next six months. For further information on Visas and necessary documentation, access: www.mre.gov.br or www.braziltour.com.

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The content above came from Brazilian Tourism Portal. Where you can find more informations about Brazil.